Case Study: How a 3 person flexible management team use PlanHive to maintain business momentum and keep meetings and emails to a minimum…

Minerva Mill Innovation Centre is a business centre in Alcester, Warwickshire, UK. It is a thriving hub that hosts more than 35 dynamic and forward-thinking businesses. 

In mid-2019 the Minerva Mill management team were looking for a collaborative task or to-do list system as a central place to put all their current and planned activities. 

They had tried various methods to keep each other up to date without picking up the phone, and had decided now was the time to add a dedicated system to their workflow.

Minerva Mill chose PlanHive for their task management as it easily covered what they needed, but had a real small-business, lean-team focus.  

Within minutes of signing up, the team were adding and sharing all of their tasks, from one off building maintenance items, to weekly collaborative items such as the payment run.  

So how did creating a shared space to put tasks and work-in-progress help? 
How did it:
–         Reduce meeting times?
–         Free up each member of the team?
–         Allow each manager to focus and get more done?

If the way you manage your priorities is shared, others can automatically see progress, stuck items or when they are able to complete their part. 

Meeting times are cut because the whole team is well informed and can focus just on the high value items that require being together. 

With the reduced need for calls or emails to catch-up on progress, each person can work freely on an agenda set to their own priorities, in their own time.

Now in 2022, the Minerva Mill management team have continued to embrace the hybrid working flexibility, and credit PlanHive for enabling them to achieve this way of working so quickly.

If your team is ready to ditch the ad-hoc task emails, whiteboards and shared spreadsheets, sign up with PlanHive, and get your focus back today.