Update: The Inbox is Dead, Long Live the Inbox!

six assorted-color mail boxes

Announcing a product update and helping you get your task management out of your emails!

We know we’ve told you this a hundred times before, but PlanHive is our passion project; our mission to help people stay focussed and get more done! But the trouble with being passionate, is that sometimes things need to keep being improved until they are just right! Well, one such item is the “uncategorised category” (yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful!) that exists in all Projects in PlanHive.

The “uncategorised category” is typically where your tasks would start. Whether you’re forwarding a task from your email, adding an item to a list or entering it directly into this (Uncategorised Category!) box within the project itself, into this hopper for you to organise later is where many new tasks go.

Part of our working smarter mission with PlanHive is to help you stop managing projects in email. Well now the transition is one step easier!

And life is one step easier. Think of a thing, put in the an inbox, deal with it later! You can even do it from your mobile!

In Summary:

  • From PlanHive version 3.20, the “Uncategorised Category” is now called “Inbox”! (Phew)
  • Do you want somewhere to put distractions as they come in? the Inbox is your friend!
  • Clear your head when you’re on the sofa – put your ideas in the Inbox from your phone

Keep a clear head, keep your focus, get more done!

The PlanHive Team