Why you need to give yourself a #sportingchance

Countless comparisons have been made about the similarities between business and sport. Goal-setting, team work, creating the right culture… the list goes on. 🎯

What strikes us here at PlanHive is how, in a good sports team, everyone knows what each other has to do and has exactly the right amount of information. ✅

The same is definitely true of business teams… but getting the balance of communications just right can be hard, especially when we’re working remotely or are too fixated on our own job.

It’s precisely for this reason we built a tool from the ground up to help colleagues plan, prioritise and share projects. 🙌

To make sure your team stay #winning, always:
– Make plans together
– Keep your progress shared
– Celebrate each goal you hit

And give us a sporting chance today at app.planhive.com ❤️